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Assassin’s Handbook, The Murphy & Sapir Action/Adventure
Executioner’s War Book, The Pendleton Action/Adventure
From the Ashes: America Reborn Johnstone Action/Adventure
Inside Sinanju Murphy & Sapir Action/Adventure
Mack Bolan Pendleton Action/Adventure
Bad Mags 1 Brinkmann Adult
Bad Mags 2 Brinkmann Adult
Best of American Girlie Magazines, The Riemschneider Adult
Betrock Books   Adult
Bettie Page Silke Adult
Bikinis & Lingerie Betrock Adult
Browser’s Guide to Erotica, The Lewis Adult
Clean Cartoonists' Dirty Drawings Yoe Adult
Cult Magazine Checklist Guide, The Betrock Adult
Dian Hanson's: The History of Girly Magazines Hanson Adult
Dictionary of Erotic Literature Wedeck Adult
Ed Wood's Sleaze Paperbacks Daley & Kugelberg Adult
Encyclopedia of Erotica, The Gillette & Dicks Adult
Erotic Comics Pilcher & Kannengerg Adult
Girly Magazines 2007 Taschen Calendar   Adult
Good Parts, The Perkins Adult
Hip Pocket Sleaze   Adult
Hip Pocket Sleaze Harrison Adult
History of Mens Magazines, The: Vol 1 Hanson Adult
History of Mens Magazines, The: Vol 2 Hanson Adult
History of Mens Magazines, The: Vol 3 Hanson Adult
History of Mens Magazines, The: Vol 4 Hanson Adult
History of Mens Magazines, The: Vol 5 Hanson Adult
History of Mens Magazines, The: Vol 6 Hanson Adult
How to Write a Dirty Book Kimmel Adult
How to Write Erotica Kelly Adult
How to Write Porno Novels for Fun and Profit Geis Adult
Illustrated History of Girlie Magazines, The Gabor Adult
Illustrated History of Girlie Magazines, The Gabor  Adult
Lesbian Pulp Fiction Forrest Adult
My Life As a Pornographer Preston Adult
Olympia Reader Girodias Adult
Queer Pulp Stryker Adult
Secret Record, The Perkins Adult
Sexy Digests, The Lovisi Adult
Sin-A-Rama Daley, et al Adult
Stolen Sweets Smilby Adult
Strange Sisters Zimet Adult
Tijuana Bibles Adelman Adult
Uncovered Ellis Adult
Writing Below the Belt Rowe Adult
Young Lusty Sluts! Goss Adult
Adventures of Conan Doyle, The Higham Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Morgan Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie - The Art of Her Crimes  Adams & Simons Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie An Autobiography Christie Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Chronolgy, An Wynne Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Companion, The Sanders & Lovallo Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie First Lady of Crime Keating Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Mistress of Mystery Ramsey Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Official Centenary Celebration Underwood Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie The Woman and Her Mysteries Gill Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Trivia Ryan Authors & Artists
Agatha Christie Who's Who, The Toye Authors & Artists
Air Powered Wakerman Authors & Artists
Alex Raymond His Life and Art Roberts Authors & Artists
Art of Harvey Kurtzman, The Shearer Authors & Artists
Art of Richard Powers, The Frank Authors & Artists
Arthur C. Clarke Olander Authors & Artists
Arthur C. Clarke The Authorized Biography McAleer Authors & Artists
Asimov Analized Goble Authors & Artists
Astounding Days Clarke Authors & Artists
Astounding Fifties, The Freas Authors & Artists
Barefaced Messiah Miller Authors & Artists
Barlow's Guide to Extra-Terrestrials Barlow & Summers Authors & Artists
Baumhofer: Pulp Art Masters  Gunnison Authors & Artists
Belarski: Pulp Art Masters Gunnison Authors & Artists
Big Swingers: A Biography Fenton Authors & Artists
Bio of an Ogre Anthony Authors & Artists
Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists Weinberg Authors & Artists
Book of Ellison, The Porter Authors & Artists
Book of Virgil Finlay, The De La Ree Authors & Artists
Book on the Edge of Forever, The Priest Authors & Artists
Bradbury Chronicles, The Slusser Authors & Artists
Case of Erle Stanley Gardner, The Johnson Authors & Artists
Checklist of Louis L'Amour Stephens Authors & Artists
Chroma The Art of Alex Schomburg Gustafson Authors & Artists
Complete Christie Bunson Authors & Artists
Complete Robert Bloch, The Larson Authors & Artists
Cornell Wollrich: First You Dream, Then You Die Nevins Authors & Artists
Cross Plains Universe Cupp & Lansdale Authors & Artists
Crown of Life: The Story of Mary Roberts Rinehart Downing & Barker Authors & Artists
Cult Fiction: A Readers Guide Calsutt & Shephard Authors & Artists
Dames, Dolls & Gun Molls: The Art of Robert A. Maguire Silke Authors & Artists
Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard de Camp, et al Authors & Artists
Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler Lovisi Authors & Artists
Dashiell Hammett Tour, The Herron Authors & Artists
Dashiell Hammett: A Life Johnson Authors & Artists
De Camp: An L. Sprague De Camp Bibliography Laughlin & Levack Authors & Artists
Dick Francis Barnes Authors & Artists
Difficult Lives: Jim Thompson, David Goodis, Chester Himes Sallis Authors & Artists
Doctor and the Detective, The Booth Authors & Artists
Dorothy L. Sayers Brabazon Authors & Artists
Dream Makers Platt Authors & Artists
Dream Makers - Vol 2 Platt Authors & Artists
Dream Quest of H. P. Lovecraft, The Schweitzer Authors & Artists
Ed Wood: Nightmare of Ecstasy Grey Authors & Artists
Edgar Allan Poe Scrapbook, The Haining Authors & Artists
Edgar Rice Burroughs Holtsmark Authors & Artists
Edgar Rice Burroughs - A Bibliography Day Authors & Artists
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure Lupoff Authors & Artists
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan Porges Authors & Artists
Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers Server Authors & Artists
Erle Stanley Gardner: The Case of the Real Perry Mason Huges Authors & Artists
Erskine Caldwell Miller Authors & Artists
Fabulous Faust, The   Authors & Artists
Faces of Science Fiction, The Perret Authors & Artists
Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta, The Ballantine Authors & Artists
Fantastic Lives Greenberg Authors & Artists
Fantasy Art Techniques Vallejo Authors & Artists
Faust Collector   Authors & Artists
Fifty Western Writers - A Bio-Bibliograpical Sourcebook Erisman & Etulain Authors & Artists
First Editions of Andre Norton, The Turner Authors & Artists
Forrest Ackerman's World of Science Fiction Baeck Authors & Artists
Frank Frazetta Book 2 Ballantine Authors & Artists
Frank Frazetta Book 4 Ballantine Authors & Artists
Frank Kelly Freas: A Portfolio   Authors & Artists
Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It Freas Authors & Artists
Frank Kelly Freas: The Art of Science Fiction   Authors & Artists
Freas Art Bibliography   Authors & Artists
Giants of the Genre McCarty Authors & Artists
H.G. Wells Scrapbook Haining Authors & Artists
H.P. Lovecraft: A Portrait Cook Authors & Artists
Hal Clement Hassler Authors & Artists
Harlan Ellison - A Bibliographical Checklist Swigart Authors & Artists
Harlan Ellison The Man The Writer   Authors & Artists
Harlan Ellison: Unrepentant Harlequin Slusser Authors & Artists
Heinlein in Dimension Panshin Authors & Artists
Here Lies Eric Ambler Ambler Authors & Artists
Hopalong Cassidy: The Clarence E. Mulford Story Drew Authors & Artists
How Precious was That While Anthony Authors & Artists
Howard Collector, The Lord Authors & Artists
I. Asimov, A Memoir Asimov Authors & Artists
Ian Fleming, The Man With the Golden Pen Gant Authors & Artists
Illustation   Authors & Artists
Illustrating for Magazines Halsey Authors & Artists
In Joy Still Felt Asimov Authors & Artists
In Memory Yet Green Asimov Authors & Artists
Infinite Worlds Di Fate Authors & Artists
Inklings, The Carpenter Authors & Artists
Isaac Asimov Olander & Greenberg Authors & Artists
Isaac Asimov Fiedler & Mele Authors & Artists
Isaac Asimov It's Been a Good Life Asimov Authors & Artists
J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth Grotta-Kurska Authors & Artists
Jack Vance Underwood & Miller Authors & Artists
Jack Vance: Science Fiction Stylist Tiedman Authors & Artists
Jackets Required Heller & Chwast Authors & Artists
Janet Daily Companion, The Massie & Greenberg Authors & Artists
John Russell Fern - An Evaluation Harbottle Authors & Artists
John W. Campbell Letters, Vol 1, The   Authors & Artists
Jules Verne Companion, The Haining Authors & Artists
Kurt Vonnegut: Fantisist of Fire and Ice Goldsmith Authors & Artists
L. Ron Hubbard: The Writer   Authors & Artists
Last Celt, The Lord Authors & Artists
Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie, The Osborne Authors & Artists
Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Man Who Was Sherlock Carr Authors & Artists
Louis L'Amour Gale Authors & Artists
Louis L'Amour Checklist Clauss Authors & Artists
Louis L'Amour Companion Weinberg Authors & Artists
Louis L'Amour: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide Hall Authors & Artists
Louis L'Amour: His Life and Trails Phillips Authors & Artists
Louis L'Amour: The Long Trail Elton Authors & Artists
Lovecraft: A Biography De Camp Authors & Artists
Luke Short Gale Authors & Artists
Man Behind Doc Savage, The Weinberg Authors & Artists
Man of Magic and Mystery: Walter B. Gibson Cox Authors & Artists
Master of Middle Earth Kocher Authors & Artists
Masters of American Illustration: 41 Illustrators Taraba Authors & Artists
Max Brand Western Giant Nolan Authors & Artists
Max Brand: The Big Westerner Easton Authors & Artists
Mexican Pulp Art Tavera Authors & Artists
Michael Moorcock: A Bibliography with Biographical Notes Harper & McAulay Authors & Artists
Mike Resnick Kelleghan Authors & Artists
Mind in Motion: The Fiction of Philip K. Dick Warrick Authors & Artists
Modern Mystery, Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Cassiday Authors & Artists
Mysterious World of Agatha Christie Feinman Authors & Artists
Mystery of Agatha Christie Robyns Authors & Artists
Mytho-Poeikon Woodroffe Authors & Artists
New Bedside Bathtub Companion to Agatha Christie   Authors & Artists
Norman Saunders Saunders Authors & Artists
Once Around the Bloch: Unauthorized Autobiography Bloch Authors & Artists
Paperback Art of James Avati, The Schreuders & Fulton Authors & Artists
Paperback Covers of Robert McGinnis Scott & Maynard Authors & Artists
Philip K. Dick Olander & Greenberg Authors & Artists
Ray Bradbury Olander & Greenberg Authors & Artists
Ray Bradbury Review Nolan Authors & Artists
Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles Ward & Silver Authors & Artists
Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe Parker, et al Authors & Artists
Raymone Chandler Hiney Authors & Artists
Reflections of A.E. Van Vogt   Authors & Artists
Reginald Heade: England's Greatest Artist Chibnall Authors & Artists
Remembering Louis L'Amour Hawkins Authors & Artists
Rex Stout: A Biography McAleer Authors & Artists
Reynold Brown: A Life in Pictures Zimmer & Hornung Authors & Artists
Richard Matheson: He is Legend   Authors & Artists
Robert A. Heinlein Olander & Greenberg Authors & Artists
Robert A. Heinlein - Stranger in His Own Land Slusser Authors & Artists
Robert A. Heinlein: Grumbles From the Grave Heinlein Authors & Artists
Robert Bloch: A Bio-Bibliography Flanagan Authors & Artists
Robert Heinlein: A Bibliography Owings Authors & Artists
Robert Silverberg's Many Trap Doors Elkins & Greenberg Authors & Artists
Roger Zelazny Krulik Authors & Artists
Roger Zelazny Yoke Authors & Artists
Ross MacDonald Bruccoli Authors & Artists
Roundup, The   Authors & Artists
Savage Art   Authors & Artists
Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson Polito Authors & Artists
Science Fiction and Fantasy Pseudonyms McGhan Authors & Artists
Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov, The Patrouch Authors & Artists
Science Fiction Writers Bleiler Authors & Artists
Separate Star, A Freas Authors & Artists
Shameless Art   Authors & Artists
Something More than Night: The Case of Raymond Chandler Wolfe Authors & Artists
Such a Strange Lady: A Biography of Dorothy L. Sayers Hitchman Authors & Artists
Talent to Deceive, A: An Appreciation of Agatha Christe Barnard Authors & Artists
Tolkien Carpenter Authors & Artists
Touchstone Tucker & McKee Authors & Artists
Trailing Louis L'Amour from California to Alaska Murphy Authors & Artists
Trailing Louis L'Amour in Arizona Murphy Authors & Artists
Trailing Louis L'Amour in New Mexico Murphy Authors & Artists
Ursla K. LeGuin Olander & Greenberg Authors & Artists
Varga Robotham Authors & Artists
Virgil Finlay's Phantasms   Authors & Artists
Virgil Finlay's Women of the Ages   Authors & Artists
Way the Future Was, The Pohl Authors & Artists
Who Goes There Rock Authors & Artists
Who's Hugh: An SF Reader's Guide to Pseudonyms Robinson Authors & Artists
Who's Who in Horror and Fantasy Fiction Ashley Authors & Artists
Who's Who in Science Fiction Ash Authors & Artists
Willeford Herron Authors & Artists
Wonder's Child: My Life in Science Fiction Williamson Authors & Artists
Work of George Zebrowski, The Elliot & Reginald Authors & Artists
Work of Louis L'Amour Hall Authors & Artists
Worlds Beyond the World Mathews Authors & Artists
Writings of Henry Kenneth Bulmer, The Robinson Authors & Artists
Years of Light: A Celebration of Leslie A. Croutch Colombo Authors & Artists
Yours, Isaac Asimov Asimov Authors & Artists
Zane Grey Gruber Authors & Artists
Zane Grey's West   Authors & Artists
Zen in the Art of Writing Bradbury Authors & Artists
#1 New York Times Bestseller, The Bear Book Collecting
20th Century First Edition Fiction Lee Book Collecting
20th Century First Edition Fiction Lee Book Collecting
5,000 Old Books Schroeders Book Collecting
ABC for Book Collectors Carter Book Collecting
Amenities of Book-Collecting, The Newton Book Collecting
Antique Trader Book Collector’s Price Guide Russell Book Collecting
Art of the Bookstore, The Smith Book Collecting
Basic Bookbinding Lewis Book Collecting
Between Covers Tebbel Book Collecting
Bibliography of Adventure Day Book Collecting
Bibliography of Prohibited Books Fraxi Book Collecting
Big Big Little Book Book, The Blumberg Book Collecting
Big Book of Big Little Books, The Borden Book Collecting
Big Little Book Price Guide, The Thomas Book Collecting
Book and Magazine Collector   Book Collecting
Book Banning in America Noble Book Collecting
Book Collecting Peters Book Collecting
Book Collecting Zeller Book Collecting
Book Collecting Collison Book Collecting
Book Collecting: The Book of First Books Ahearn Book Collecting
Book Collector’s Price Guide Russell Book Collecting
Book Finds Ellis Book Collecting
Book on the Bookshelf, The Petroski Book Collecting
Book Row Mondlin & Meador Book Collecting
Book Sales in America Oram Book Collecting
Book Store Book, The Egan Book Collecting
Book-Collecting as a Hobby Muir Book Collecting
Bookman's Manual, The Graham Book Collecting
Bookmen's Bedlam Blumenthal Book Collecting
Books Wright Book Collecting
Books: From Writer to Reader Greenfeld Book Collecting
Care and Feeding of Books Old and New, The Rosenberg & Marcowitz Book Collecting
Caring For Your Books Dirda Book Collecting
Collected Books Ahearn Book Collecting
Collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs Erardi Book Collecting
Collector's Book of Books, The Quayle Book Collecting
Collector's Guide to Antiquarian Bookstores, The Modoc Press Book Collecting
Defining Moments in Books Daniel Book Collecting
Dime Novels Pearson Book Collecting
End of Obscenity, The Rembar Book Collecting
Erotic in Literature, The Loth Book Collecting
First Editions: A Guide to Identification Zempel & Verkler Book Collecting
Firsts   Book Collecting
Front Cover Powers Book Collecting
Gentle Madness, A Basbanes Book Collecting
Great Books for Every Book Lover Craughwell Book Collecting
Great Bookstore in Action, A Kroch Book Collecting
Guide to First Edition Prices 2006/7 Russell Book Collecting
Handbook for Book Lovers, A LeFontaine Book Collecting
Hawk's Adventure, Intrigue & War Hawk Book Collecting
Hawk's Authors' Pseudonyms Hawk Book Collecting
Hawk's Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Hawk Book Collecting
Hawk's Western Series & Sequels Hawk Book Collecting
How to Identify and Collect American First Editions Tannen Book Collecting
Huxford’s Old Book Value Guide   Book Collecting
Identification of First Editions McBride Book Collecting
Lowery’s The Collector’s Guide to Big Little Books Lowery Book Collecting
Magnificent Farce, A Newton Book Collecting
Manual on Bookselling, A Anderson & Smith Book Collecting
Miller’s Collecting Books Porter Book Collecting
Morality and the Mail in Nineteenth-Century America Fuller Book Collecting
New Gold in Your Attic, The Bradley Book Collecting
Novels and Novelists Seymour-Smith Book Collecting
Official Price Guide to Old Books Tedford  & Goudey Book Collecting
Points of Issue McBride Book Collecting
Pornography and the Law Kronhausen Book Collecting
Primer of Book Collecting, A Winterich & Randall Book Collecting
Printed Book in America, The Blumenthal Book Collecting
Pseudonyms: The Names Behind the Names Clarke Book Collecting
Reader's Catalog, The O’Brien Book Collecting
To Be Continued Jacob and Apple Book Collecting
Tomart's Price Guide to 20th Century Books Wade Book Collecting
Used Booklover's Guide to the Midwest, The Siegel Book Collecting
Whitman: A listing of BIG LITTLE BOOK Manesis Book Collecting
Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide Lovisi Collecting Paperbacks
Australian Vintage Paperback Guide Flanagan Collecting Paperbacks
Bad Girls Need Love Too Lovisi Collecting Paperbacks
Bad Girls of Pulp Fiction   Collecting Paperbacks
Ballantine Books - The First Decade Aronovitz Collecting Paperbacks
Bantam Story, The - 25 Years Petersen Collecting Paperbacks
Bantam Story, The - 30 Years Petersen Collecting Paperbacks
Biblio   Collecting Paperbacks
Bibliography / New York Olympia Press, A Kearney Collecting Paperbacks
Bibliography of Science Fiction Pornography Johnson Collecting Paperbacks
Book of Paperbacks, The Schreuders Collecting Paperbacks
Books Are Everything   Collecting Paperbacks
Books in Action - The Armed Services Editions Cole Collecting Paperbacks
Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants Brower Collecting Paperbacks
British Author Checklist - Hamilton Williams Collecting Paperbacks
British Author Checklist 1 - Bruno Fischer Williams Collecting Paperbacks
British Author Checklist 2 - Fredric Brown Williams Collecting Paperbacks
Carlson Collins Pocket Book Index Collins & Carlson Collecting Paperbacks
Checklist of Fantastic Literature in Paperbound Books Day Collecting Paperbacks
Collectable Paperback Books Canja Collecting Paperbacks
Collectable Vintage Paperbacks at Auction Berry Collecting Paperbacks
Collecting Paperbacks?   Collecting Paperbacks
Cumulative Paperback Index Reginald & Burgess Collecting Paperbacks
Cumulative Paperback Index (reprint) Reginald & Burgess Collecting Paperbacks
Dames, Dolls & Delinquents Lovisi Collecting Paperbacks
Defunct Paperbacks Johnson Collecting Paperbacks
Dell Paperbacks, 1942 to Mid-1962 Lyles Collecting Paperbacks
Digest Index, The Johnson Collecting Paperbacks
Dope Menace Gertz Collecting Paperbacks
From Pulps into Paperbacks James Collecting Paperbacks
Future and Fantastic Worlds Jaffery Collecting Paperbacks
Good Ship Venus, The De St Jorre Collecting Paperbacks
Great American Paperback. The Lupoff Collecting Paperbacks
Hardboiled America O'Brien Collecting Paperbacks
Harlequin: The First 30 Years Harlequin Collecting Paperbacks
Heavy Traffic and High Culture Bonn Collecting Paperbacks
How to Run a Paperback Bookshop Gross & Steckler Collecting Paperbacks
Huxford's Paperback Value Guide Huxford Collecting Paperbacks
Lynn Munroe   Collecting Paperbacks
Movie Tie-In Book,The Wadle Collecting Paperbacks
Murder Off the Rack Breen & Greenberg Collecting Paperbacks
Mushroom Jungle, The Holland Collecting Paperbacks
Official Price Guide Paperbacks Warren Collecting Paperbacks
Official Price Guide to Paperbacks & Magazines House of Collectibles Collecting Paperbacks
Over My Dead Body Server Collecting Paperbacks
Pan Books Checklist Williams Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Collector   Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Fanatic Marriott Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Forum Kaplan Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Pandemonium Scott Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Parade Lovisi Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Parnassus Smith Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Price Guide, The Hancer Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Price Guide, The 2nd Ed Hancer Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Price Guide, The 3rd Ed Hancer Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Prices and Checklist Holroyd Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Primer Bonn Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Quarterly Lee Collecting Paperbacks
Paperback Talk Walters Collecting Paperbacks
Paperbacks at Auction IPCS Collecting Paperbacks
Paperbacks at Auction II   Collecting Paperbacks
Paperbacks, U.S.A. Schreuders Collecting Paperbacks
Paperwraps Laugen Collecting Paperbacks
Penguin Story, The Penguin Collecting Paperbacks
Pulp Culture Haut Collecting Paperbacks
Pulpmania Marriott Collecting Paperbacks
Putting Dell on the Map Lyles Collecting Paperbacks
Science Fiction & Fantasy - Ace Books Spelman Collecting Paperbacks
Scion & Dragon Books Williams Collecting Paperbacks
She Tried to be Good   Collecting Paperbacks
Supplimental Checklist of Fantastic Literature Day Collecting Paperbacks
TV Tie-Ins Peer Collecting Paperbacks
Twenty-Five Years of Harlequin 1949-1974 Harlequin Collecting Paperbacks
Two Bit Culture Davis Collecting Paperbacks
UnderCover Bonn Collecting Paperbacks
Vintage Paperback Collecting Idlet Collecting Paperbacks
Vintage Paperback Sources Blackard Collecting Paperbacks
Western and Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction in America Hamilton Collecting Paperbacks
Classic Horror Writers Bloom Horror
Creepers Bloom Horror
Dark Dreamers Wiater Horror
Elegant Nightmares Sullivan Horror
Encyclopedia Cthulhiana Harms Horror
Faces of Fear Winter Horror
Horror Wolf Horror
Horror Literature Tymn Horror
Horror: 100 Best Books Jones & Newman Horror
Literature of Terror, The Punter Horror
Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural Sullivan Horror
St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost & Gothic Writers Pringle Horror
Weird Tale, The Joshi Horror
Bob Gaines' Reference Library Gaines More from Bob Gaines
10 Women of Mystery Bargainnier Mystery
100 Great Detectives Jakubowski Mystery
1001 Midnights Pronzini & Muller Mystery
13 Mistresses of Murder Budd Mystery
American Detective, The Siegel Mystery
American Private Eye, The Geherin Mystery
Armchair Detective Book of Lists, The Strosser Mystery
Armchair Detective Index Volumes 1-20 Deeck & Stilwell Mystery
Art of Mystery & Detective Stories, The Haining Mystery
Art of the Mystery Story, The Haycraft Mystery
Bad Seed   Mystery
Bare•Bones Enfantino & Scoleri Mystery
Bedside Companion to Crime, The Keating Mystery
Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Agatha Christie Riley & McAllister Mystery
Bibliographie der Kriminalliteratur 1945-1984 Werremeier Mystery
Big Book of Noir, The Gorman, Server, Greenberg Mystery
Bloody Murder Symons Mystery
Book of Sleuths, The Pate Mystery
British Gangster & Exploitation Paperbacks Flanagan Mystery
By A Woman's Hand Swanson & James Mystery
Catalogue of Crime, A Barzun & Taylor Mystery
Century of Noir, A Spillane & Collins Mystery
Classic Era of Crime Fiction, The Haining Mystery
Colloquium on Crime Winks Mystery
Comprehensive Price List of Crime, A Snow Mystery
Craft of Crime, The Carr Mystery
Crime & Mystery: The 100 Best Books Keating Mystery
Crime Fiction II Hubin Mystery
Crown Crime Companion, The Friedman Mystery
Cyanide and Sin Straw Mystery
Dashiell Hammett’s Secret Agent X-9 Hammett & Raymond Mystery
Deadly Women Grape, James & Nehr Mystery
Detecting Men Heising Mystery
Detecting Women Heising Mystery
Detecting Women 2 Heising Mystery
Detecting Women 3 Heising Mystery
Detectionary Penzler, et al Mystery
Detective in Fiction Allen Mystery
Double Trouble Jaffery Mystery
Drood Review’s 1990 Mystery Yearbook, The Huang Mystery
Edward D. Hoch Bibliography 1951-1991 Moffatt & Nevins Mystery
Encyclopedia Mysteriosa DeAndrea Mystery
Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery, The Murphy Mystery
Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection Steinbrunner , et al Mystery
Fatal Art of Entertainment, The Herbert Mystery
Fine Art of Murder, The Gorman, et al Mystery
Great Detectives Symons Mystery
Great Detectives, The Penzler Mystery
Guilty Parties Ousby Mystery
Hardboiled Lovisi Mystery
Hard-Boiled Pronzini & Adrian Mystery
Hardboiled Mystery Writers Bruccoli & Layman Mystery
History of Mystery The Collins Mystery
In the Beginning DeMarr Mystery
Literature of Crime and Detection, The Woeller & Cassiday Mystery
Lord Peter Wimsey Companion, The Clarke Mystery
Masters of Mystery Thomson Mystery
Merry Murder Manson Mystery
Modus Operandi Winks Mystery
Mordbogen LaCour & Morgensen Mystery
Mortal Consequences Symons Mystery
Murder Book, The la Cour & Mogensen Mystery
Murder by the Book Manson Mystery
Murder in the Millions Van Dover Mystery
Murder Ink Winn Mystery
Murder Mystique, The Freeman Mystery
Murderess Ink Winn Mystery
Mystery and Crime Pearsall Mystery
Mystery Book of Days, The Malloy Mystery
Mystery Lover’s Companion, The Bourgeau Mystery
Mystery Lovers’ Book of Quotations, The Horning Mystery
Mystery Reader’s Walking Guide: England Dale & Hendershott Mystery
Mystery Reader’s Walking Guide: New York Dale Mystery
Mystery Scene Reader   Mystery
Mystery Story, The Ball Mystery
Mystery Trivia Quiz Book, The Reese &Sinclair Mystery
Mystery Women Barnett Mystery
Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-Fifth Street Baring-Gould Mystery
New Black Mask, The Bruccoli & Layman Mystery
New Hard-Boiled Dicks, The Skinner Mystery
Probable Cause Panek Mystery
Pulp Crime Digests, The Lovisi Mystery
Queen’s Quorum Queen Mystery
Reader’s Guide to the Classic British Mystery, A Oleksiw Mystery
Reader’s Guide to the Private Eye Novel, A Niebuhr Mystery
Rumble   Mystery
Saint With a Gun Ruehlmann Mystery
Shot in the Dark, A   Mystery
Silk Stalkings: When Women Write of Murder Nichols & Thompson Mystery
Skullduggery   Mystery
Snobbery With Violence Watson Mystery
Sons of Sam Spade Geherin Mystery
Speaking of Murder Gorman & Greenberg Mystery
Speaking of Murder Volume 2 Gorman & Greenberg Mystery
Spy Fiction McCormick & Fletcher Mystery
Strictly Murder! Roth Mystery
Talking MysteriesTalking Mysteries Hillerman & Bulow Mystery
Twentieth Century Crime & Mystery Writers Henderson Mystery
Unknown Thriller Chandler Mystery
Villains Galore ... Noel Mystery
What’s Your Agatha Christie I.Q.? Kaska Mystery
Who’s Who in Spy Fiction McCormick Mystery
Whodunit, The Benvenuti & Rizzoni Mystery
Whodunit? Keating Mystery
Whodunit? Herbert Mystery
World of Mystery Fiction, The Gilbert Mystery
Writer’s Complete Crime Reference Book, The Roth Mystery
Writing Mysteries Grafton Mystery
Writing the Private Eye Novel Randisi Mystery
American Paperback Calendar 1982, The   Other Stuff
Auction Catalogs   Other Stuff
Bad Seed (Cards) Running Press Other Stuff
Biblioholism Raabe Other Stuff
Bizarre Books Ash & Lake Other Stuff
Book Book, The Blond Other Stuff
Book Book, The Gilbar Other Stuff
Book Lover’s Guide to the Internet, The Morris Other Stuff
Book of Literary Lists, The Parsons Other Stuff
Booklover's Repair Kit, The Ellis , et al Other Stuff
Books, Books, Books Gross & Charlton Other Stuff
Catalog of Lost Books, The Tuleja Other Stuff
Defective Detective, The Carper Other Stuff
Dictionary of Imaginary Places, The Manguel & Guadalupi Other Stuff
Dope Fiends (Cards) Kitchen Sink Other Stuff
Famous Faces Zawacki Other Stuff
Gay Pulp Address Book Stryker Other Stuff
Great American Pin-Up, The Martignette & Meisel Other Stuff
Guide to Tarzan Collectibles Erardi Other Stuff
Gun in Cheek Pronzini Other Stuff
Imaginary People Pringle Other Stuff
Jim Harmon’s Nostalgia Catalogue Harmon Other Stuff
Literary Life and Other Curiosities, The Hendrickson Other Stuff
Literary Trivia Lederer & Gilleland Other Stuff
Literature Lover’s Book of Lists Strouf Other Stuff
Love Was Cheap and Life Was High (Cards) Kaplan Other Stuff
Mail-Order Mysteries Thorn Other Stuff
Marilyn Monroe Cover to Cover Kidder Other Stuff
Miller’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collectibles Ellis Other Stuff
Mystery and Suspense Engagement Calendar 1986 Santoine Other Stuff
Mystery Trivia Calendars Pearsall Other Stuff
Official Guide to Paper Americana Cohen Other Stuff
Official Price Guide to Sci Fi Collectibles Hudgeons  Other Stuff
Official Price Guides (various) Other Stuff
Oi, Robot Ferman Other Stuff
Painted Ladies (Cards) Kitchen Sink Other Stuff
Paper Collectibles Reed Other Stuff
Playback Benoit Other Stuff
Post Cards   Other Stuff
Prion (Cards) Running Press Other Stuff
Private Eye Cartoon Book, The Bilgrey Other Stuff
Science Fiction and Fantasy Calendar 1987 Halley Other Stuff
Selling Old Books the New Dot Com Way Pitner Other Stuff
Smithsonian (August 2003)   Other Stuff
Son of Gun in Cheek Pronzini Other Stuff
Stranger Than Fiction Malone Other Stuff
Teen Pulp Address Book Barson & Heller Other Stuff
Teenage Confidential Barson & Heller Other Stuff
To Serve Man Wulf Other Stuff
Total Trash! (Cards) Kitchen Sink Other Stuff
Vintage Magazines Price Guide Russell  & Russell  Other Stuff
Words at War Howard Blue Other Stuff
Writer’s Home Companion, The Charlton & Mark Other Stuff
Writer’s Pocket Almanack, The Brockmann & Horton Other Stuff
3 From Out There Margulies Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Amazing Science Fiction Anthology - War Greenberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Amazing Science Fiction Anthology - Wild Greenberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Amazing Science Fiction Anthology - Wonder Greenberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Best of Weird Tales: 1923, The Kaye & Betancourt Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Chair Where Terror Sat, The Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Corpse Factory, The Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Dance of the Skeletons, The Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Devils in the Dark Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Eighth Green Man & Other Strange Folk, The Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Famous Fantastic Mysteries Dziemianowicz, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Famous Pulp Classics   Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Far Below and Other Horrors Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
From Unknown Worlds   Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Ghoul Keepers, The Margulies Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Gosh! Wow! Ackerman Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Great Tales of Classic Science Fiction Asimov, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Great Tales of the Golden Age of Science Fiction Asimov, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
History of the Science Fiction Magazine, The Ashley Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Human Zero, The Greenberg & Waugh Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Incredible Adventures 2 Marshall & Waedt Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Incredible Adventures Number One Marshall & Waedt Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Lake of Life, The Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Mammoth Book of Classic Science Fiction - 30's Asimov, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Mammoth Book of Classic Science Fiction - 40's Asimov, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Moon Era, The   Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Revelry in Hell Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Rivals of Weird Tales Weinberg, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Satan’s Roadhouse Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Science Fiction Asimov, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Science Fiction of the Forties Pohl, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Science Fiction of the Thirties Knight Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Selected Tales of Grim and Grue Jaffery Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Sensuous Science Fiction Jaffery Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Slaves of the Blood Wolves Weinberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Spicy Horror Stories Mason Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Strange Tales Desmond, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Under the Moons of Mars Moskowitz Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Unexpected, The Margulies Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Unknown Schmidt Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Unknown Worlds Schmidt & Greenberg Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales Margulies Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales Dziemianowicz, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales Haining Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales Kaye Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales - Vol. 2 Haining Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales #1 Carter Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales #2 Carter Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales #3 Carter Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Tales #4 Carter Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weird Vampire Tales Weinberg, et al Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Weirds, The Jaffery Pulp - SciFi/Horror
Action Stories Desmond, et al Pulps - Detective
Adventures of Cardigan, The Nebel Pulps - Detective
Amazing Adventures of Lester Leith, The Gardner Pulps - Detective
American Pulp Gorman, et al Pulps - Detective
Arbor House Treasury of Detective and Mystery Stories Pronzini Pulps - Detective
Before She Kills Brown Pulps - Detective
Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps, The Penzler Pulps - Detective
Black Mask Boys, The Nolan Pulps - Detective
Carnival of Crime Nevins & Greenberg Pulps - Detective
Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, The Malmont Pulps - Detective
Cock Crows Murder, The Bellem Pulps - Detective
Continental Op, The Marcus Pulps - Detective
Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective Wooley Pulps - Detective
Darkness at Dawn Nevins & Greenberg Pulps - Detective
Death Dealers, The Weinberg Pulps - Detective
Dime Novel Detective, The Hoppenstand Pulps - Detective
Eight Dime Novels Bleiler Pulps - Detective
Escapades of the Eel Cave Pulps - Detective
Exeunt Murderers Nevins & Greenberg Pulps - Detective
Freak Show Murders, The Brown Pulps - Detective
Good Old Stuff, The MacDonald Pulps - Detective
Hard-Boiled Dames Drew Pulps - Detective
Hard-Boiled Detective, The Ruhm Pulps - Detective
Hard-Boiled Detectives Weinberg, et al Pulps - Detective
Hardboiled Dicks, The Goulart Pulps - Detective
High Adventure Manson & Ardai Pulps - Detective
Hills of Homicide, The L’Amour Pulps - Detective
Homicide Sanitarium Brown Pulps - Detective
Mammoth Book of Private Eye Stories, The Pronzini & Greenberg Pulps - Detective
Mammoth Book of Pulp Action, The Jakubowski Pulps - Detective
Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction, The Jakubowski Pulps - Detective
More Good Old Stuff MacDonald Pulps - Detective
Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter Brown Pulps - Detective
Pulp Fiction Jakubowski Pulps - Detective
Pulp Fiction: The Crimefighters Penzler Pulps - Detective
Pulp Fiction: The Dames Penzler Pulps - Detective
Pulp Fiction: The Villains Penzler Pulps - Detective
Pulp Fictions Haining Pulps - Detective
Pulp Masters Gorman & Greenberg Pulps - Detective
Pulp Tales Mechem Pulps - Detective
Pulps, The Goodstone Pulps - Detective
Pulps, The  Goodstone Pulps - Detective
Pulps, The (paperback) Goodstone Pulps - Detective
Pure Pulp Gorman, et al Pulps - Detective
Robert Leslie Bellem Magazine, The Bellem Pulps - Detective
Spicy Detective Stories Mason Pulps - Detective
Spicy Mystery Stories Mason Pulps - Detective
Thirty Corpses Every Thursday Brown Pulps - Detective
Tough Guys & Dangerous Dames Weinberg, et al Pulps - Detective
Adventure House to Guide to the Pulps, The Ellis, et al Pulps - Reference
Age of the Unicorn Cook Pulps - Reference
Alternate Worlds Gunn Pulps - Reference
Annotated Index to The Thrill Book, The Bleiler Pulps - Reference
Astounding Story-Key Boggs Pulps - Reference
Best of Blood 'N' Thunder, The Hulse Pulps - Reference
Best of Rob Wagner's Script, The Slide Pulps - Reference
Bibliotheca: H. P. Lovecraft Sutton Pulps - Reference
Blood 'N' Thunder Guide to Collecting Pulps, The Hulse Pulps - Reference
Bookery's Guide to Pulps Cottrill Pulps - Reference
Bronze Shadows Cook  Pulps - Reference
Cheap Thrills Goulart Pulps - Reference
Checklist of Fantastic Literature, The Bleiler Pulps - Reference
Classic Era of American Pulp Magazines, The Haining Pulps - Reference
Collectible Magazines Identification & Price Guide Henkel Pulps - Reference
Collectible Magazines Identification (2nd Ed) Henkel Pulps - Reference
Comprehensive Index to Black Mask, 1920-1951, A Hagemann Pulps - Reference
Cult Magazines A to Z Kemp and Ortiz Pulps - Reference
Danger Is My Business Server Pulps - Reference
Defective Detective in the Pulps, The Hoppenstand & Browne Pulps - Reference
Devil Dog Talbot Pulps - Reference
Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life Farmer Pulps - Reference
Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life (pb) Farmer Pulps - Reference
Duende Murray Pulps - Reference
Duende History of the Shadow Magazine, The Murray Pulps - Reference
Echoes Johnson Pulps - Reference
Essays Lovecraftian Schweitzer Pulps - Reference
Fantastic Pulps, The Haining Pulps - Reference
Fiction Factory, The Reynolds Pulps - Reference
Frank M. Robinson Collection Robinson Pulps - Reference
Gangland’s Doom Eisgruber  Pulps - Reference
Ghost Stories Moskowitz & Seiger Pulps - Reference
Great Pulp Heroes, The Hutchison Pulps - Reference
Great Pulp Heroes, The (reprint) Hutchison Pulps - Reference
Great Villains, The Pate Pulps - Reference
Hero Pulp Index, The Weinberg & McKinstry Pulps - Reference
Incredible Pulps, The Robinson Pulps - Reference
Index on the Weird & Fantastica in Magazines Day Pulps - Reference
Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines by Author Cockcroft Pulps - Reference
Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines by Title Cockcroft Pulps - Reference
Index to Unknown and Unknown Worlds Hoffman Pulps - Reference
Informal History of the Pulp Magazines, An Goulart Pulps - Reference
It's A Man's World Parfrey Pulps - Reference
JD-Argassy Hickman Pulps - Reference
Lost Realms Holdstock & Edwards Pulps - Reference
Macabre Index